Well, the day has come for me to move on from my current role at National Museums Scotland. My job was always fixed-term and has been winding down since the opening of the new galleries. The past few months have involved a lot of finishing off, what we call ‘snagging’ and filing – along with a small amount of basking in the satisfaction of seeing visitors enjoy the new museum.

I moved from the Science Museum in London, to Edinburgh (my home town) in January 2005 to take up the role of ‘Science Communication Manager’ at National Museums Scotland, moving in 2007 to the role of ‘Interactive Displays Manager’ for the re-display. I am leaving the organisation on 31st January 2012, exactly seven years to the day later.

It’s been a fantastic time for the organisation, and I’m very proud of what the museum offers now for family visitors. I’m always happy to see visitors enjoying their time in the museum and so I would like to share this video which I love. Please take a moment to watch it through.

Although I am sad to be leaving, I am equally looking forward to the future, and very excited about working on a freelance basis with a range of other organisations, including firstly a brief spell with the Edinburgh International Science Festival. And who knows what the future holds? – I certainly wouldn’t rule out returning to National Museums Scotland again in the future!