At the BIG Event at Our Dynamic Earth in July, a group of four of us ran a session on Understanding Exhibit Design. During the workshop, we progressed a couple of exhibit ideas from delegates towards prototype stage while illustrating the ideal design and development process.

We promised to share the resources more widely with BIG members and so we have created three handouts which can be downloaded from this page.

The first is a handout by Ben Craven: A very short guide to the design process.

The second is some guidance for Exhibit Prototyping with visitors by Lorna MacKenzie, Senior Audience Researcher for the Science Museum Group.

Our session highlighted the ‘ideal’ process, but we are aware the reality is that this process doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough. It’s up to all of us to advocate for the process that leads to the best quality exhibits. With this in mind, we have created a third handout of real-world tips, constraints and a glossary of terms.

Thank you to all involved – we enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and interest in the exhibit design process and hope to be able to provide more information and resources in the future.

Ken Boyd, Ben Craven, Lorna MacKenzie and Lyndsey Clark