Image: Edinburgh City Council

Image: Edinburgh City Council

This year has been such a busy one, I wanted to just take a moment to reflect on and share some of my highlights of 2015.

University of Edinburgh MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement

In 2015 we welcomed a record number of students onto the ‘Museum’ module of this MSc. In what was only our third year, we had sixteen students choose our elective module. They were, as ever, a great group of students with lots to contribute and interesting and creative ideas. I look forward to welcoming the 2016 on-campus contingent in February and the online class in April.

Visitor Studies Group

It has been a fantastic year for the Visitor Studies Group, we had a really sucessful conference in March and the line-up for next year’s conference is looking even better. The programme is just out this week at and bookings are open now!

Dark Skies, Kielder

In the spring, I was fortunate to collaborate with a couple of great designers on some interpretation around star-gazing and light pollution for two of the visitor centres at Kielder water and forest park. This meant a lot to me as I love the subject matter and I also love Kielder as a destination, if you’ve never been – go. There’s a Blog about the project here.

Engage Conference

As part of my role as a grant monitor for the Wellcome Trust, in December, I attended the annual conference of the NCCPE; Engage 2015. This conference was truly a highlight of 2015 for me. It has been a few years since I had attended a ‘public engagement’ conference and it was so exciting to discover the landscape really has shifted. I met some really great people and heard about so many examples of genuine engagement with research and so many positive relationships between academia and community. It was inspiring and in fact, there’s too much to share here so I may have to devote an entire blog post to my reflections on it! 🙂

Science and Technology at the National Museum of Scotland

Much of this year has been devoted to the management of the mechanical (hands-on) interactives for the new Science and Technology galleries at the National Museum of Scotland. There is no doubt that seeing these finally in the hands of the visitors will be one of the highlights of 2016. More about the new galleries on the NMS website.

Thank you to all my colleagues, clients, collaborators and friends for a great 2015. May you have a fantastic holiday period and all the best for 2016!